Wild About Harry: When Madame Houdini spoke


Thank you once again, to our guest blogger, John Cox, for providing us with another interesting insight into Houdini’s legendary life. This time, we look at Madame Houdini — Bess — and the time in which she decided to break her silence on spiritualism in the realm of a feature film.

John writes:

“In 1937, having successfully set up a Houdini biopic at Paramount, Bess Houdini and Edward Saint turned their attentions to developing a second movie that would be starring vehicle for Bessie herself.

The film was to be called Madame Houdini Speaks. The idea was, having fulfilled her ten year “imposed silence”, Bess would finally sound off on her views about spiritualism in a dramatic feature film. Saint claimed the film “will go into immediate production” and promised:

“The sensational picture will be packed with ghostly dynamite that will blast the fakes, frauds and humbugging religious racketeers hiding behind the cloak of spiritualistic superstition. Madame Houdini will play the part of herself on the screen and her long experience in tracking down the miracle mongers will be vividly portrayed in the spooky and mystic-laden production.”

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