Wild About Harry: The secret recordings of Bess


On our last Wild About Harry post, we searched the depths of John Cox’s blog to chance upon an article about Madame Houdini.

While the last article we found was about a time when Madame Houdini spoke, in which she gave her opinion about her stance on spiritualism, today we will read about the time Bess Houdini recorded her conversations (on the sly) with famous magicians, such as Cardini and the Great Leon.

Here’s what John Cox has to say about it:

“Imagine a collection of secretly recorded private telephone conversations between Bess Houdini and the “leading magicians of the day.” Does this sound too good to be true? Well, apparently, it’s for real!

In a 1966 issue of The Linking Ring, John Booth recalled paying a visit to Bessie and Edward Saint in their “small Spanish stucco bungalow” at 8565 Westknoll Avenue in Hollywood (now West Hollywood) in the ’30s. “Mrs. Houdini was a lively little lady of complete naturalness,” recalled Booth.

As they were sitting “engrossed in talk about the late showman”, Booth suddenly heard his own disembodied voice coming from an unknown source within the room. “It was as though radio voices had suddenly begun to penetrate the air around us,” said Booth. That’s when Ed Saint revealed the secret, and dropped a bombshell…”

Read more here.

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  1. Can you imagine how mind-blowing it would be if just one of these recorded conversations surfaced? Thanks for the link.

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