Wild About Harry: Houdini’s Hurt Feelings




Photo from wildabouthoudini.com

Before the advent of the Internet, it was rare to get a glimpse of the personal lives of great showmen. When we do, we are reminded of their origins and humble beginnings.

In John Cox’s blog post, “Houdini’s Hurt Feelings” we see an intimate side of the magician while performing in Toronto, Canada. This diary entry reveals the politics behind theatre advertising and Houdini’s personal feelings toward his colleagues.

John writes:

“Here is a revealing entry from Houdini’s diary on October 20, 1916 when he was performing in Toronto, Canada:

“Toronto, Canada. No challenges as paper does not notice the house as they do not advertise in them. I helped Red Cross and recruiting drive with O.D. Stunt. After the street show 12 boys of the Red Cross, I am told collected $2,796.12–a neat sum. No one even thanked me.”

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