Which C.O. Williams?


Unidentified CO Williams – do you know which one he is?

Old postcard of Charles Oswald Williams courtesy of Steve from bunglemagic.co.uk

Old photo of Charles Oswald Williams courtesy of “Many Faces of Magic” exhibition on the Conjuring Arts Research

We are on the hunt for the identification of this magician from our Postcards of Magicians exhibition.

Joe Pecore, from MagicPedia, has kindly pointed out that there are 2 C.O. Williams.

One was Charles Oswald Williams, a magician from Cardiff, UK and the other, Carl Orton Williams, the founding secretary of the Australian Society of Magicians.

Joe has since started working with Steve from www.bunglemagic.co.uk to try and identify our postcard. Steve has graciously sent Joe an old photo of Charles Oswald’s letterhead from the “Many Faces” exhibition from the Conjuring Arts Research Centre to try and match with our unidentified magician — however, we are still scratching our heads trying to figure this one out!

If you think you know which C.O. Williams is featured on this postcard, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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