And with that, we bring the 42nd Annual Magic Collectors Weekend to a close.

We were thrilled to have Guests of Honor, Ray & Ann Goulet and Dr. Gene Matsuura share their collection tales up-close and personal. We were also delighted to have a broad range of exhibitors this year including: Byron Walker Magic Books; Jay Hunter, Joe Hanosek, Jim Rawlins, Arthur Moses; Hank and Jackie Moorehouse; H&R Books, Majic Brand Woodturning; Magicana for Collectors and Mike Caveney’s Magic Words; Pierre Mayer; Bob James’ Magic-FX; Tad Ware; Mike O’Dowd, Celeste Evans; Potter & Potter Auctions Inc.; Jeff Pierce & The Kodells; and Phil Schwartz. Special thanks go to exhibitors: Bill Palmer for his Cup & Ball Display; Jason England for his Every Erdnase Edition Display; and to Bob Escher & Bill Spooner for bringing items to stage a Del Ray Exhibition. It was a great showcase of fine and interesting collectibles and we appreciate all the hard work that everyone put in for our delegates.

To each of our featured speakers, we are thankful for your participation and wonderful contributions. For details on who was there, and who said what, visit our 42nd MCW schedule.

David Linsell, our official photographer for the event, captured literally thousands of memorable moments. We have posted a few gems for your enjoyment.


But  without Magic Collectors, we would not have a Weekend. To each of our delegates, thank you for attending and supporting Magicana with your enthusiasm, passion and love of collecting magic and of magic’s history. If you had fun, tell your friends! If you didn’t, tell us so we can address and make next year even better.

next up…

So with 2011 now behind us, we are delighted to announce that the 43rd Annual MCW will take place May 17, 18 and 19, 2012 once again at the Westin O’Hare.

Our guests of honors have accepted their invitations and we will reveal who they are soon! Details for next year’s Weekend – including early bird registration – will also be released shortly. Until then, keep your eyes posted on in the inbox for more Magicol news!

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