A new column by John Carney

Beginning in the next issue ofMagicol, No. 177, (subscribe) we are pleased to announce a new column from renowned magician, John Carney.

In the column, John will be discussing an area of  personal interest he has had for gimmicks. We welcome John as a new regular contributor and  look forward to joining him on his journey to discover Gimmicks, Gadgets and Gizmos.

Since John has already accumulated a number of unidentified gimmicks, we thought it would be interesting to share them in a communal effort to answer, “What the heck is it?”

To view these collected items, Magicana has developed a “Gimmicks” web area (www.magicana.com/gimmicks) where, on a monthly basis, John will post his unusual finds and ask you for your opinion, thoughts and/or feedback.

The first item is already up!  What do you think it is?!

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