Time Flies

Well, if it seems like an eternity since you last heard from us, that is because it has been.

We have much to report – and explain.

No.179 Feedback

First, thank you for  the wonderful comments about Magicol No. 179.  We would like to bring a couple comments to your attention.

Wittus Witt suggested that the photo caption on page 10, “Jim Sommers performs The Impossible” could have perhaps been phrased better. We agree. As we are concerned about the historical record, we should have made it clear in the caption that Mr. Sommers was performing his knock-off of the Zig Zag, called “The Impossible”.

Also, several people were taken with Christopher Brinson’s contribution regarding the olfactory aspects of magical book collecting.  Daniel Zuckerbrot was one, and he thought you might be interested in Sick Library Syndrome. You can read the piece as a .PDF here.

The August Issue

As for forthcoming issues, we apologize for being behind schedule. Pressing concerns -namely the notion of earning a living – have delayed the publication of the August issue.  On a positive note, we have assembled the material for the next three issues of Magicol.

I believe the “August” issue will be our biggest yet. It is a special issue, one dedicated entirely to the story of The Expert at the Card Table and the identity of its author.  It features contributions from Richard Hatch, Hurt McDermott, Jason England and David Ben. Word has spread within the magic community about this forthcoming issue, and I am pleased to report that we have generated many new subscribers to Magicol because of it. Not a subscriber yet? Better join now: click here!

The November Issue

And… the “November” issue is also in the design stage, and it features articles with a more global perspective. Tom Ewing has written about Sorcar, Michael Claxton on diplomacy and Douglas Beaufort, Arthur Moses on Foreign Language Publications related to Houdini, and Richard Cohn on the magic that can sometimes be found in your own backyard.

We hope to have the “August” issue, and the November issue in your hands before long.

Last thing

Believe it or not, we have also prepared the February 2012 issue. This issue will feature articles related to magicians and collectibles from “Down Under”.  Brian McCullagh has assembled much of the material for this issue, and it will include articles on the first emporiums of magic, profiles of Australian magic collectors, and a tour of he WG Alma Conjuring Collection at the State Library of Victoria.

So, that’s where we stand.

We appreciate your patience and can assure you that we will get the journal into your hands as soon as possible.

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