The Indian Rope Trick and Other Tall Tales

It’s amazing what one hears when the ear is on the ground. It is easy to understand how myth, if repeated often enough, can masquerade as fact.

Although we have received some very positive comments about the state ofMagicol, and the Magic Collectors Weekendwe have also heard from a variety of sources of some rumble in the jungle.

So, before we start outlining the programming for the forthcoming Magic Collectors Weekend – programming which we believe everyone will enjoy – let’s address a few of the rumors, most of which revolve around our announcement that we plan on staging the MCW as a biennial gathering, that is, every two years.

Even though we stated our reasons quite clearly in the last issue of Magicol, there seems to be some confusion. Let me clarify:

Yes, of course, we are having a conference this year!

First, it is surprising to hear some think we are not hosting a conference this year. Not only are we holding the conference, but we have also started advertising this news on channels outside the confines of Magicol and the website.

No, it’s not being held in Canada, this year or in future years.

Second, there is no secret or ulterior motive to move the Magic Collectors Weekend to Canada.

Although I am proudly Canadian, and pleased to be in the ranks of other Canadian magicians  –  including Dr. Saram Ellison (co-founder of the S.A.M.), Len Vintus (co-founder of the I.B.M.), Dai Vernon, Stewart James, Ross Bertram, Sid Lorraine, the Amazing Randi, and Doug Henning, to name just a few – I am pragmatic enough to know the difficulty for dealers who try to cross the border with undisclosed or documented goods. (It works, of course, both ways. It is difficult for Canadians to cross the border with their goods and services.) The logistical challenges are far too complicated to even entertain the notion. So in short, rest assured, there is no intention of staging the MCW in Canada at this time.

And, if people believe they impact the organization or the Weekend by “boycotting” it, I will not argue their beliefs. However, the major draw – for me, anyway – are the people who attend the conference, not the numbers, and we welcome all those who bring a positive energy to the event and the program.

Are you kidding?

Third, we have heard that others have approached us about holding the Magic Collectors Weekend in another city and that we have rejected their overture. This is simply not true.  Not a single individual nor organization has approached us about staging the Weekend in the “off year”, or for that matter, “any year.”

In the forthcoming issue of Magicol, I have specifically stated that those who are interested in doing so (those who really believe that they would like to stage the Weekend in another city) are welcome to contact us. In fact, if someone strongly believes that they would like to take over the entire initiative, we are open to suggestion. None of us are here for the money, and if someone has the passion, expertise and resources, we would welcome them into the fold.

At this point in time, however, there has not been a single inquiry.

Day Pass Policy

Finally, there is the issue of day passes to the Weekend.

One year we tried to offer day passes. The next year, we made it quite clear that we were not offering day passes. The day passes created much more work, and the economic cost of issuing the day pass was, in our mind, unfairly subsidized by those who attended the entire conference.

Conferences cost money to stage, and they are paid for by a combination of user fees and room rentals. If you or your group does not spend a pre-determined amount with the hotel in the way of meeting rooms, room rental and food and beverage, you or the organization has to make up the shortfall. This would mean significantly higher registration fees to cover the risk.

So, we have elected to encourage people to attend the entire event. It is better for everyone. Not only does it motivate us to design a program that should appeal to delegates throughout the conference, it is better for the dealers who want business and, more importantly, it provides the time and opportunity to renew or build more lasting relationships with those who share our love of magic and collecting.

And now, back to our regular programming….

– David Ben

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