Special Offers

The Original Manuscript

The Original Manuscript

Traditionally annual membership in the MCA has provided members with two benefits. The first was four issues of Magicol which, under David Meyer’s guidance, presented a superb blend of articles, reviews and commentary. The second was the opportunity to attend the annual Magic Collectors’ Weekend, usually held in Chicago.

Well the price of membership in the MCA hasn’t changed, but the benefits associated with membership certainly have. Yes, you will still receive four issues of Magicol, the first to be out very soon. (Design wizard Michael Albright has been tweaking the look and feel of the journal.  It will be at the printers soon.) You still have the chance to attend the annual conference, but at a discounted registration fee not available to non-members. We have also retooled the website – it features several online exhibitions that we hope you will enjoy. Soon, the site will also have a “Members-Only” area where we will post items of special interest.  (More on that in future blogs – stay tuned.)

Now, however, we’d like to announce some special offers:

Ibidem Special Offer

We are pleased to arrange discounts on books that we believe will be of both value and interest to MCA members. Our first offering, with the generous assistance of Allan Slaight and Stephen Minch, is the complete file of Ibidem and Aziz magazines. These reprints were completely redesigned by famed magic illustrator, Pat Lyons. Ordinarily the three-volume set would cost $180 USD plus shipping and handling. As an MCA member you can purchase the set for $50 USD (postage paid) for USA destinations and $80 US (postage paid) to international addresses. It’s a steal! Only while supplies last.

We have two other special offers, both from Will Houstoun. Those of you lucky enough to attend either the last Magic Circle Heritage Weekend or Los Angeles Conference on Magic History will recall Will’s stellar presentation on The Notebook.

Will was given the opportunity of studying a rare manuscript in the collection of the Magic Circle and the results were just magical. Will spoke about his research at both conferences. He also produced a beautiful book, reproducing the manuscript, with annotations. The book was a limited run and quickly sold out. Will has updated the book, and is graciously offering it to MCA members at a special discount. Click here for more information and to buy now.

We’re  pleased to announce that Will will also be a presenter at our upcoming conference in Chicago. This time he’ll be speaking about Professor RobertHellis. His book, Hellis In Wonderland, is now at the printers, and he has kindly consented to give MCA members a discounted offer. There will only be 500 signed and numbered copies available, so we encourage you to to order your copy today! Click here for more information and to buy now.

We will be prevailing on other publishers to provide similar discounts to members in the future.  You won’t know what you’re missing, however, unless you join!Click here and become a member today!

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