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E. Raymond Carlyle

A comment about issue No. 185 featuring The Magic Castle:

While I enjoyed The Castle issue of Magicol [No. 185], conspicuously absent from the material on the Houdini séance is the name of the gentleman who conceived the séance, and performed as it’s “medium” for the first decade.

Well-known in mentalist circles, Ed Fowler performed as medium E. Raymond Carlyle, for many of Hollywood’s elite as well as Castle regulars.

Ed also shared his home with Charlie Miller while still living in the Los Angeles area, and was well known to the magic community there for the better part of 30 years. His father was tool and die maker to Houdini, and Ed grew up with many of magic’s most famous names, ranging from Blackstone to Dunninger, visiting his parents’ home.

Today, Ed and his lovely wife live in Virginia Beach, where he conducts private sessions with magicians from around the world on séance material, and he offers a line of unique products of his own making.

Greg Edmonds

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  1. James Hamilton says:

    What a wonderful flashback. As a fifty year member of the Magic Castle, I got to know Ed fairly well. He is a wonderful medium. Jeff Fowlston, Bob Wagner, Pat Kass, and I would hang out with Ed whenever we had the chance. He was a popular figure in the LA/Hollywood magic scene. I had lost contact with him and was delighted to run into him a few years ago at a PSA function in Concord, Ca. He told me he had been living in Virginia Beach for the several years. We chatted about old times and he sent his wishes to our old gang.

    Ed would be an excellent speaker at one of the MCA Conventions.

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