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We received a note from Neil Tobin on behalf of David Parr about a historical landmark in Chicago being earmarked for demolition. From Mr. Tobin’s note you can see it is an important one and you are invited to take action to help preserve this site.

From Neil Tobin….

There’s a magic landmark in Chicago that’s in danger of demolition, and local magicians are trying to get a letter-writing campaign off the ground to help save it. It’s the building at 1800 Halsted that once housed the original Schulien’s.

You know the name: for over four decades, Matt Schulien held court at its bar and pioneered what would be known as Chicago-style close-up bar magic. Magicians like Doc Eason and Bill Malone would eventually carry his legacy to audiences throughout the world.

Currently, the building is on the official list of Most Endangered Historic Sites in Illinois. Local performer David Parr has been working with a grassroots preservation group to save it, but they can’t do it alone. Even though Alderman Michele Smith is on the side of preservation, she needs more ammunition to help persuade the developer of the site’s significance.

Could you please invite your members to send emails to Alderman Smith informing her as to why saving this historic site is important to the magic community? She can be reached via her assistant, Matthew Allee:

For further information, here’s a recent article—

Many thanks,
Neil Tobin
(April 22, 2014)

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