Saturday @ The Weekend

We have another full day of programming scheduled for Saturday at The Weekend. Here’s what is in store:

Our theme, and it is a subtle one, is Tried and True. Loren Pankratz will illuminate the group on some of his research related to Scot’s Discoverie of Witchcraft; Julie Sobanski will discuss Women in Magic; Diego Domingo will offer a novel take on the voice of the prophet, the shadow of the assassination, the doomsday cult, and E-Z Magic, all in fifteen minutes or less; and Max Maven will revisit his presentation on why there are so many Jews in magic – a talk he presented as a special lecture at the Skirball Museum in conjunction with the exhibition.

The afternoon will feature presentations by Trevor Dawson on Charles Dickens and his interest in magic, with many new discoveries. Trevor will be launching his book on the subject at the Weekend. Bill Spooner will introduce the group to Rex Slocombe, one of the funniest magicians Bill ever had the pleasure of seeing. Rex, who was based in Toronto, died many years ago. I am really looking forward to Bill’s presentation because I have heard so many stories about Rex from his contemporaries such as Ross Bertram and Sid Lorraine.

The late afternoon will be devoted to a pair of magic’s most beloved practitioners, Mark Wilson and Nani Darnell. The two will be on hand during the conference, and will participate in a Question and Answer session about their life, work, and career. The Wilson’s are now in their 80s, and this will be a great opportunity to benefit from their many years in show business, and magic.

Saturday evening will feature the evening show, hosted by David Charvet, and with performances by David Charvet, David Ben, and Max Maven. We also hope to add a surprise or two.

The conference will wrap up with a coffee and dessert reception, and the opportunity to make those last minute purchases in the Dealers’ Room.


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