Saturday Programming

It’s hard to believe that the 41st MCA Weekend is about a month away. Here are some programming notes about our Saturday schedule.

The morning will focus on “Finding Your Man”. We’ve invited three indefatigable magic collectors and historians – Gary Hunt, Diego Domingo, and Jim Maloney – to discuss and demonstrate the tricks they use to uncover new information about persons of interest. In addition to a live demonstration of how to access an astonishing amount of information in the public domain -information that can answer many of the questions you may have about a performer or period of magic – there will be a panel discussion with these three experts.

In the afternoon, Rev. Robert Olson will take the stage and provide his reflections on a lifetime of magic. Jim Alfredson, the Honorary Lifetime President of the MCA, will then speak about “Periodicals and Publishers”, and how the personalities of the publishers are reflected in the pages of their publications.

David Charvet will also be joining us. David is one of the most prolific authors and presenters when it comes to magic history. He will be discussing a blast from the past: Stoppard’s Phantom Ray.

Fu Manchu

Fu Manchu

The afternoon programming concludes with a special presentation by Eduardo Sanchez from Argentina. Eduardo is huge fan of David Bamberg (Fu Manchu). The focus of his presentation is on Bamberg in Argentina. Eduardo has assembled an impressive array of visual material including some rare film footage for our gathering.

There is still more to come.

We have a great show lined up for the Saturday evening, and lots of dealers to cater to your every need. In the interim, don’t forget that April 22nd is the cut-off date for our special rate with the hotel. So, even if you aren’t sure whether you can attend, it might be a good idea to reserve a hotel room just in case.

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