The Wait is Over

No. 184


The wait is over and we are thrilled to report that the latest issue of Magicol is at the printers. We hope to have it in the mail by next week.

We devote this forthcoming issue, No. 184, to magic personalities. As David Ben writes,
“[some are]… always standing front and centre, some who should have been, and some who clearly preferred to remain behind the scenes.”

Drawing from his presentation in May 2012 from the 43 MCW, John Cox, of Wild About Harry, presents an overview of one of magic’s  seldom-seen treasures, Houdini’s Guest Book from 278 W. 113th Street. Filled with signatures from 1919 to well beyond Houdini’s death to1952, the book shares its own tale travelling from home to home and owner to owner. John does a beautiful job highlighting some of the more famous and arcane visitors.

Next, read about Bill Spooner’s adventure on “Remembering Rex Slocombe” – a Torontonian who is consistently referred to as one of magic’s funniest magicians. In this article, Bill introduces us to Slocombe and documents his exhaustive search for Slocombe’s “Banana Stalk Act”, which was recalled as being the most hilarious act the author had ever seen. Fighting words! But, does he find the elusive routine? No. 184 reveals all.

Peter Brunning then traces some of the “whatever happened to” paths  of the ones who remained behind in Europe from the Ten Ichi troupe in the early 1900s, specifically Tenji  and Takase. Peter takes the reader through an interesting European journey with accounts about Tenichi, his step-son Tenji and young Takase.

Next up … the Mystery of Charles Dickens and a Review of Robert-Houdin’s Autobiography by Ian Keable. Ian addresses the issues of perpetuating fact over fiction when it comes to research. Specifically, he examines who actually penned the famous “Out-Conjuring Conjurors” – an article often credited to Charles Dickens. Do you think Dickens wrote it? See how Ian argues it in No. 184.

To round out our personalities, Gary Hunt demonstrates his investigative talents and shares his findings about the mysterious Mademoiselle Catherine … The Only Lady Prestidigitator in the World – who we met (and meet again!) in the poster issue of No. 183. Thanks to Tad Ware – or rather his wife, Ann’s – curious comment, “who was she and where did she come from…”, the challenge was set and Gary was determined to find (t)his gal. And how pleased we are that he did! Find out more about this fascinating lady and her place in magic history.

AND there’s more! James Alan provides several book reviews on Magic Shows — Lapham’s Quarterly Vol. V, No. 3Fooling Houdini; Gibecière, Vol. 7, No. 2; The Amazing Harry Kellar: Great American Magician; The Real Secrets of the Chinese Linking Rings; and Art, Illusion & Secrets.

It’s quite an issue and we hope you think so, too. We hope to have it in the mail late next week. We will narrow the gap between issues and will post more news about No. 185 soon. Subscribe to our blog to be the first to know!


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2 Responses to The Wait is Over

  1. Ron Pascu says:

    Looking forward to”GUESTS AND GHOSTS OF 278.” Publishing the entire guest book would make any Houdini aficionado very happy. I am sure it will happen.

  2. John Cox says:

    Wow. My article made the cover. What a great honor. Thank you. I hope everyone enjoys it. 🙂

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