No. 177 Follow Up

We have received many kind comments about Magicol No. 177. We appreciate them very much. We also received some messages that may be of interest to subscribers.

On page 12 of the issue, Dan Waldron wrote, “No one, to my knowledge, has a complete collection of every comic book built around Blackstone.” George Daily sent me a note that he, Bill Kuethe and Ray Ricard all have complete files. George believes that Mario Carrandi also had a complete file at one time. He suggests there may be others. So, good to know!

In the Book Review section of Magicol No. 177, James Alan reviewed The Big Book of Rising Cards as an eBook. Chris Wasshuber, the publisher, wrote to let me – and you – know that the book is now available “stunningly printed on semi-gloss paper with color chapter separators” here. The price is $74.50.

Jon Marshall from the U.K. writes, “And thanks for the Upton Rising Card insert – it reminded me that somewhere I had a version put out by Max Andrew’s Vampire Magic – I might even use it at our Hull Magicians’ Circle Classics of Magic Night!”  Jon was kind enough to include this photograph (as seen above).

Finally, I imagine most of you need no reminders but there are at least two auctions that you might want to visit. The first is Martinka’s latest offering; the second is presented by Potter & Potter. Check both out and, even better, bid!

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