MCW42 – TGIF Afternoon

When asked to name “the oldest trick in the book”, the Cups and Balls would be high on the list. As a collectible, Cups and Balls come in a variety of forms and price ranges. While we may differ on what is the oldest trick in the book, when it comes to naming the authority on collecting cups and balls, the list is singular: Bill Palmer. Bill will be joining us Friday afternoon to take us through his collection, and let us know – from his perspective – what makes one set more desirable than another.

Friday afternoon will also feature a presentation by author, performer and frequent MCW contributor David Charvet on a rarely seen, at least in this day and age, kindred accomplishment: Rag Pictures. In addition to tracing the history of the rag act, David will delve into Balda Art Service, the main supplier of pictures to this rag trade.

One of the twentieth century’s most fascinating characters and creators of magic – comedic and bizarre – was Timothy McGuire, aka as Tom Palmer, Tony Andruzzi and Masklyn ye Mage. Jim Magus, with Tony Nosek and Neil Tobin, has recently released a book, Unspeakable Acts, on this man of mystery. Jim Magus will be with us Friday afternoon to shed some light on the many lives lived and the magic created by this enigmatic figure.

We will round off the Friday afternoon program with The Kodells, a presentation by Jeff Pierce about Jack and Mary Kodell and their life in magic. Jack and Mary will be on hand to talk about their life in show business and answer questions from the audience.

We have even more programming scheduled for the evening.  Stay tuned.

We have limited space for this Weekend so do not delay and register now! Hotel availability is also on a first-come first-served basis and there are a lot of other events going on at the hotel. Reserve your room now!

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