MCW: Saturday Afternoon

We have four wonderful speakers scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Leading off will be Jeff Taylor, the new curator of the American Museum of Magic. The Museum, founded by Bob and Elaine Lund, should need no introduction to this crowd. There has been much speculation, however, about what has happened to the collection and the access to it since their passing. Jeff is going to give us an update on what he and the Museum have been doing, and the plans for the future.

A large part of collecting magic is also disposing of it. We often acquire duplicate items to upgrade the condition of the item in the collection. Sometimes we buy a large amount of material in order to acquire just one particular piece, and are left with items that are not within our primary range of interest. We may have reached an age, economic circumstance, or be in a relationship where it is prudent to dispose of  parts or all of our magic holdings.  Holding an auction is a tried and true method of selling magic. To take us behind the scenes and detail the process involved, we have asked Gabe Fajuri to address our group. Gabe is the founder of Potter & Potter, a firm specializing in the disposition of magic-related material.  After Gabe’s presentation, we will have a panel discussion that will include David Goodman, The Magic Auctioneer, and others, to discuss this subject and address questions from the delegates.

Del Ray: America's Foremost

The penultimate presentation will be about the magical mind of Del Ray, presented by Bill Spooner, one of Del’s close friends, and co-publisher of the critically acclaimed magic bestseller Del Ray: America’s Foremost. Bill has probed the principles that Del devised and is going to explain to us what made Del and his props tick. We are particularly p

leased that Bill and another of Del’s close friends,

Celeste Evans

Bob Escher (who, along with DavidBaldwin, were the other co-publishers of the Del Ray book), will be bringing several of Del’s props from their personal collections to display at the MCW.

The final presentation scheduled for Saturday afternoon is the talented, charming and indefatigable, Celeste Evans. With over fifty years experience performing and promoting magic, Ms. Evans will talk about her life on both sides of the footlights, address questions from the audience, and launch her new book, I Can Still See Me.

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