MCW 42: Chicago Goes Coastal

We are pleased to report that we have finalized the roster of presenters for the 42nd Annual Magic Collectors Weekend to be held at theWestin Hotel in Chicago from May 19th to 21st.

The Westin offers our conference superb facilities with an amphitheater for our formal presentations, a dealers’ room right across the hall, and plenty of other amenities. We can accommodate 200 delegates, and at present, two months from the opening event, we have over 130 registrants.

With over twenty presentations scheduled over the three days, there is something for everyone with an interest in magic and its history.  We will be releasing details about the presentations over the next few posts here.

Although the MCW doesn’t start officially until Thursday, May 19th, many delegates arrive on the Wednesday to relax at the hotel, see some sights in Chicago, or visit the Knights of Sleights‘ 28th Annual Flea Market to find a bargain or two. Every year a few stories circulate around the MCW about the treasures unearthed at this magical flea market.


Opening Day Line Up

Registration for the MCW will open Thursday morning at 11:00 am.  The Dealers’ Room will open around 12:30. We are pleased to have several new faces in the Dealers’ Room this year, as well as those we’ve come to expect and whom we all appreciate. We’ll do a separate blog entry about the various dealers further down the line. We can say, however, that we will also have a couple of mini-exhibitions in the room, as well as the tables where attendees can converse, and that were such a hit last year.

We will also stage both a Dealers’ Show and  TOSS (Tricks Old & Seldom Seen) on Thursday afternoon. Both will be under the capable direction of MCW stalwart Tom Ewing.  If you have something that is old and seldom seen – and who doesn’t – and would be willing to share it with the group, please send Tom a note so that he can add you – and the prop – to the program. TOSS is not meant to be a formal show, but rather a fun gathering of collectors who walk through the demonstration of apparatus to inform and amuse.

On Thursday evening, we will fete and hear from our Guests of Honor:  Ray and Ann Goulet, and Dr. Gene Matsuura. It’s the East Coast (Boston) meeting the West Coast (San Francisco) in Chicago, providing insight and stories from in front of and behind the scenes, garnered from a lifetime of collecting magic. A mix and mingle reception will follow the presentation by our Guests of Honor. You don’t want to stay up too late, however, as we have a jam-packed day to follow.

If you haven’t yet registered for the event, now’s the time. Here are some handy links:

Stay tuned to this blog! We will release more Weekend news soon.

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