Magicols Moving Your Way


We are pleased to announce that Magicol No. 175 is now en route to you.

This issue features Walter “Zaney” Blaney and the history of his world-famous Ladder Levitation. Walter gave an outstanding presentation on this topic at the 41st MCW in May and also gave his final performance of the levitation. It was an incredible and historic moment and we are thrilled to have Walter and his story featured in this issue.

You will also (hopefully) find many more interesting articles including Clay Shevlin’s Libarium Magicum, this time featuring an exploration of William Manning’s Recollections of Robert-Houdin (London, 1891) and Conrad Cooke’s Automata Old and New (London, 1893). There are also book reviews on Hellis in WonderlandThe Magic in Books,  Gibecière (Winter 2010) and Magic Goods Collection. James Hagy also shares a treasure from his collection and discusses magician and illusionist, John J. Grinda.

No. 175, almost double the usual size of Magicol, is chocker-block full of mystery and history!

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