Magicol No. 176

Magicol No. 176 is at the printers!



This issue is dedicated to fact-finding, research enthusiasts. No. 176  – showcasing Frederick Bancroft on the cover – features articles relating to “Finding Your Man”, a theme carried over from the 41st MCW. Contributors share their journeys into the past and how they discovered more about their magicians of choice from  yesteryear. As they detail their detective work, they also tip ideas, tools and strategies – both modern and traditional – on locating a treasure trove of information. Articles include:

  • The Journey to Find Frederick Bancroft by Gary Hunt
  • The Road to Research and Beyond by Diego Domingo
  • Dating Germain by Dustin Stinett

Also, we have included a behind-the-scenes look of the Elmhurt Museum’sMagical History Tour, courtesy of Neil Tobin, one of the organizers.  Neil outlines how the exhibition came to be and some of the gems to be found inside.

There is a  summary of the 41st MCW, followed by a thought-provoking book review by Clay Shevlin.  Clay reviews Beating a Dead Horse but from a collector’s perspective.

Also reviewed are: Disappearing Tricks: Silent Film, Houdini, and the New Magic of the Twentieth Century (reviewed by Joe Culpepper), and When Thurston Came to Town (reviewed by James Alan); and brief reviews by David Ben on Tales from the Uncanny ScotAnnie AbbottMagic and Law and John Green.

Richard Hatch closes out the issue with his tribute to Martin Gardner.

Let us know when you receive your copy.


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