Magic Kettle & Jay Palmer

Jay Palmer

Jay Palmer and The Magic Kettle Act c 1930. State Library of Victoria

We recently received an interesting email from Mike (Miguel) from Portugal. He has a curious question… any of you know the answer?!

From Miguel Melo….

I study the history of magic. I am looking for a few years now for information on a magician named Jay Palmer (Palmer and Doreen). I know that he used to perform back in the 50s a bar act where several drinks were poured from his kettle…

The magic kettle is part of my show today and I have read a lot about the effect and it’s history. Jay Palmer’s bar act is the only one I do not know about. My father (Allen Tipton) knew Val Andrews and Val knew Jay Palmer but sadly, he never got to ask him about Jay’s methods for his routine!

I tried for a few years to track down info about it but all I have is a few articles on Jay Palmer.

I would like to know if someone knows about him or who has his kettle now… or if anyone has seen him doing the act live… if not, if you could recommend someone that I could talk with about it.

I would appreciate any help on this one since I am very interested!

Best wishes,


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