It’s for you!

As for Friday night, we have arranged something truly special. For the past two years, Friday night has been “movie” night, and scheduled as an optional event.

This year, however, Arthur Moses offered us – and that’s you, too – something really special.  Arthur’s interest, as many of you know (see his ad in Magicol), is in Houdini. Well, Arthur has unearthed something truly wonderful with respect to the master mystifier, and has graciously offered to reveal his discovery, and a few additional things, on Friday evening.

To set the stage for Arthur’s presentation, we have scheduled two other Houdini-related programming initiatives. First, William Pack will detail how he was inspired by Houdini, and assembled a program that tours libraries and schools. Although Houdini is his subject matter, Bill will demonstrate how any one with an interest in magic history can package passion for a new audience.

We will also be screening a short television production in which Teller played Houdini, and it is one that I doubt few, if any of you, have seen.

Again, all of this is a lead up to Arthur’s wonderful discovery, which anyone with an interest in Houdini will not want to miss.

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