Grand Illusions: The Collection of Timothy Moore

Photo by Mark Williams

Photo by Mark Williams

They say a collector’s job is never finished, and it certainly seems that way with Dr. Timothy Moore, whose collection was featured in the June 2013 issue of Collection, entitled, “Grand Illusions: A collector’s devotion to illustrious artifacts from the golden age of magic”. This article was written by Shaun Tolson and features the amazing photography of Mark Williams.

Amongst authentic promotional materials for the famous magician, Howard Thurston, Dr. Moore’s collection includes his infamous golden “floating ball”, Houdini’s top hat (guaranteed to “raise the hair on your neck” as Moore states in the article) and a variety of oversized cards, antique magic posters and Alexander Herrman’s ring pistol, one that he used throughout his career.

The article wonderfully details Dr. Moore’s magic career, as well as the first time he fell in love with antique magic posters. While performing at the Magic Castle, Dr. Moore was enamored with the antique magic posters displayed at the club. This strengthened his resolve to have his own showroom decorated with the monumental figures of magic and preserve the rich history of the art through collecting.

Moore’s one-year journey  to procure Norm Neilsen’s poster titled, “Moore the Magician” is detailed wonderfully in this article, one that tells of the passion, determination and perseverance it takes to be part of the magic history collecting community.

To this date, Moore has over 2,000 pieces in his collection. These are displayed elegantly in a three-wing showroom, with pieces inside custom-made display cases and shelves. Each piece has meaning, both for him and the history it represents. When asked about the evolution of his collection, Moore is noted to have said that his aim was to “enhance his collection by replacing lesser items with more meaningful ones (…) as it allows a collection to grow and become more important and refined”.

And what does he get from preserving and sharing the history of magic? Dr. Moore states:

“Magic keeps you  in a perpetual state of adolescence (…) I’m probably never going to grow up.”

And we hope you never do, Dr. Moore, as it is that amazing sense of curiosity and wonder that keeps the history of magic fascinating and open for exploration.


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