Friday @ the Weekend

Who Knew…

Clearly, we are not mind readers or psychics: HEADLINE: March 5, 2012: G-8 summit to be held at Camp David, not Chicago. Can you believe we actuallymoved the Weekend to accommodate the G8?! Nevertheless, we soldier on back into the past.

Here is what’s in store for Friday morning and afternoon of our Weekend:

Friday offers a full agenda of programming with sessions planned for the morning, the afternoon, and the evening.

The morning starts off with the three H’s: Herrmann, Hoffmann and Houdini! There are few more magical names in the history of magic. Our first session will focus on these three kings of conjuring with special presentations by three world-renowned authorities: James Hamilton (Herrmann), John Cox (Houdini), and Will Houstoun (Hoffmann).

The afternoon presentations include profiles of three more modern mystics: Emil Jarrow, Max Malini and Charles Miller. First, David Charvet will discuss Emil Jarrow in conjunction with the launch of his biography of Jarrow’s life and act. David Ben will then provide a sketch of Max Malini, providing a portrait of this master magician through an entirely new lens.

The afternoon will conclude with a never-seen-before video presentation about Charles Miller. Those who knew Miller are particularly tight-lipped about his life and work. Fortunately several years ago, we assembled a panel of those who knew Miller perhaps best – Harry Riser, Jay Marshall, Herb Zarrow and Johnny Thompson – and filmed the session where they spoke candidly about their friend. The session was shot at 31 Faces North, and those who saw our previous sessions (The Billy McComb Interview and the Charles Reynolds Interview) know that you will be in for a treat, and a rare glimpse in the man and his magic.

As for Friday night, we have arranged something truly special….

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