Magicol No. 185

Magicol No. 185
Celebrating the Magic Castle’s
Golden Anniversary

First, our thanks for your ongoing patience waiting for Magicol No. 185.

As some of you already know, our office has had some challenges of late. The most difficult has transpired over the past six months with the illness and eventual passing of David Ben’s wife, Jan Howlett. We apologize for the late delivery of this last issue of 2012, but it is now in the hands of our printer and we hope to have it in the mail next week.

The contents, as we have tipped, are all things Castle. The issue celebrates the Castle’s 50th anniversary, with a focus on its history and collectibles.

Dustin Stinett starts us off with a walking tour of the Castle both as it was, and as it is today. He also provides personal insight from the Larsens as to how, exactly, the Castle was put together – literally, piece by piece. Then, Mike Caveney gives us a peek at the coverings that adorn the Castle. From rare Horace Goldin posters used to cover the loo walls ( it was cheaper than wallpaper – at the time), to the beautiful Friedlander one-sheet of LeRoy Talma Bosco one-sheet – “The Devil Gets the Worst of It” – that keeps guests company in the dining room. (It’s a sublime treat, so much so that we have these wonderful images in color!)

Next, a visit to the Library. Librarian Bill Goodwin gives us a sampling of some of the more interesting items in its holdings along with several images detailing the incredible history of both authors and their past owners. This Castle-themed issue would not be complete without something from The Professor. Well this time, it is of him. We have some never-before-seen silhouettes of Dai Vernon’s profile cut by other artists. Magnificent.

To round out our the Castle’s corner of the issue is a contribution by Lisa Cousins, who has selected a few eclectic Castle-related souvenirs (range from the infamous Inferno Glasses to the tickets for Senator Crandall’s X-Rated show) to share with our readers.

We also have a detailed report by Andrew Pinard outlining last year’s New England’s XIV Yankee gathering in the Conference Corner, followed by numerous book reviews and sadly, too many obituaries. For a detailed listing, visit Magicol No. 185.

So, this is the last one for 2012, and it is a big one at 96 pages – and in full color.

The next issue, the one that kicks off the next subscription cycle, will be devoted to magic and collectibles in Argentina. The issue was assembled by Eduardo Sanchez, with his original spanish translated into English by Rafael Benatar, and with further editorial assistance from Joe Culpepper. It is now in the design stage and should, with any luck, be out in 2015. Just kidding, of course – we will shoot for the end of this year!




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