European History Conference


The history of magic is an ever widening labyrinth of information that gets deeper and deeper as one explores. The few of us tangled in this wonderful maze do it with passion and intense diligence, which is why we collect magic items in dedication and travel to conventions!

Introducing the 5th European Magic
History Conference on Thayer Magic

PLACE:  Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe / “Museum for Arts and Crafts” (Hamburg 2013)

DATE: 28 – 31 August 2013

ORGANIZER: Wittus Witt

EVENT DESCRIPTION:  The “European Magic History Conference” (EMHC) was founded in 2005 by the “Club des Magiciens Collectionneurs” of Paris. Since then it takes place every other year and is organized individually, either by a magic club or single persons.

See Event Flyer (.pdf)

Magic historians and collectors research and preserve the art of magic from Egypt, 2.500 BC right up to present day. They love to pass on their results with lectures, talks and speeches. Very often these talks are accompanied by PowerPoint presentations and live performances.

Collecting is not a matter of money but a matter of love and passion. Whether you collect magic books, posters, apparatus or contemporary material (which will be the antiques of tomorrow) consider joining us at this event.

Naturally, everybody who is interested in the history of magic is most welcome.

For more information please visit the European Magic History Conference website.

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