Erdnase Unmasked

Erdnase Unmasked

Now, out of print.

We have received a number of emails asking about a possible reprint for Erdnase Unmasked, a composite publication of articles culled from the pages of Magicol – A Journal of Magic History and Collectibles.

The book features the findings of Richard Hatch, the world’s pre-eminent authority on the subject, and sleight-of-hand expert and magic historian, David Ben’s profile of the author of The Expert at the Card Table. Together, they make a compelling case that one man – E. S. Andrews – was the author of the seminal card worker’s text, The Expert at the Card Table. The publication also included Hurt McDermott’s analysis of why The Expert at the Card Table, and books of its ilk, was published anonymously, and in Chicago. Additionally, Jason England, a world-renowned authority on advantage play, provides a detailed description of the published variants and ancillary products.

This was a limited-edition run of only 500 copies, and the book is now out of print.

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