Dickens of an Offer


We are delighted to announce another special offer to Magicol subscribers, this time courtesy of Trevor Dawson, as he presents, Charles Dickens, Conjurer, Mesmerist and Showman.

Most magicians know vaguely that Dickens was a conjurer, but here is a chance to learn so much more! This book  intertwines Dickens’ complex life with his non-literary interest, including magic.

Dickens was friendly with many then-modern day conjurers including Robert-Houdin. He was also a successful and effective hypnotist. The book describes numerous conjuring performances and reveals many other interesting and hitherto unknown facts (such as Dickens being a ventriloquist). We invite you to jump into the narrative, discover more about Dickens and uncover a side seldom explored. Mr. Dawson will also be presenting this topic at the 43rd Magic Collectors Weekend on May 12.

The clothbound book (with dust jacket) has 250 pages and has 130 illustrations and is offered to Magicol readers at the discounted price of $40. To take advantage of this offer, send Paypal payment to:tdawson@tdawson.co.uk. Or, contact Mr. Dawson to arrange other methods of payment, as checks and money orders are also accepted.

We thank Mr. Dawson for making this generous offer available to our readers! Don’t miss out!

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