Dealers Welcome!

Q: What would a convention be without dealers?

A: Not very good.

Dealers play an important role in every convention. For most of us, they provide nourishment; they feed us with a never-ending array of secrets. Well actually, that’s not true. The whole idea of magic collectibles is that that they are not never-ending. There is a finite amount, particularly when it comes to apparatus, posters and ephemera. That is one of the things that make them so desirable.

Here are the dealers exhibiting at the MCA Weekend: Mike Caveney & George Daily, Rory Feldman, Charles Greene III, John A. Greget, H&R Magic Books, Joe Hanosek, Jay Hunter, Arthur Moses & Jim Rawlins, J.P. Jackson, Magic Inc., Kenneth Trombly, Angelo Iafrate & Majic Brand Woodturning, Pierre Mayer, Meyerbooks, Hank Moorehouse, Potter & Potter, and Byron Walker Magic Books.

Also, if you are searching for that certain something, send us a note. We are assembling a master “wish” list from delegates and will forward that list to the dealers prior to the convention.

We have also scheduled a “Dealers Show” to kick off the schedule of events. It starts at 3:30 pm on Thursday, May 13th, and it will give the dealers an opportunity to introduce themselves and highlight one or two exceptional things that they have brought with them.

Finally, if you can’t attend the entire conference but would like to visit the dealers, we are going to open up the Dealers Room to the general magic community on Saturday, May 15th from 1:00 – 6:00 PM. Entry fee for the Dealers Room is $8.00, and tickets will only be available at the door.  (Dealer Room tickets will not provide admission to any other MCA Weekend events.)

Of course, if you haven’t registered for the entire event we still encourage you to do so. Not only do we have a stellar line up of presenters, you will also have the first crack at goodies in the Dealers Room.

Never forget that when it comes to collectibles, it’s “here today, gone tomorrow!”

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