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Happy New Year!

We hope that you had a Magicol holiday.

We have been busy elves working on our projects at Magicana, but this post is about another busy bee, Erika Larsen. Some of you may already be familiar with the Kickstarter campaign Erika has started for the wonderful variety arts collective called, The Brookledge Follies. Here are the details:

“The Brookledge Follies is preparing to enter its 5th season. We want to create the best season EVER, but in order to keep going we need help! For the past four years, we have showcased scores of performances from some of the most talented performers on the planet. The Follies has created a space for the variety arts to flourish, expand and evolve. The people who are part of this community are here because of their love for the variety arts. As a modern vaudeville collective, we are dedicated to the preservation and advancement of these fantastic and variegated art forms.”

There are all kinds of ways to pledge and support the campaign but there are only a few hours left to contribute … so, can you help?!

Please consider pledging NOW.

Thank you and here’s to a Magicol and Happy New Year!

– Magicana

Hello Friends of Brookledge,

First of all, to those who have contributed in ANY WAY to our Kickstarter campaign, THANK YOU!!! We have surpassed our original goal AND our first stretch goal, which means we will replace all the lighting and sound equipment, AND we will be able to make new curtains and custom backdrops, etc. All this in addition to a myriad of other upgrades. This is VERY exciting. Thank you!!! There are still THREE DAYS LEFT, so if there is anyone you know who might like to take part, please let them know. We are only $1000 away from being able to replace our hard, cold steel chairs with comfy padded ones. And there is still plenty more to do. There are many wonderful rewards left, so if there is anyone who wants to be part of this, please let them know that now is the time. We have LESS THAN 72 HOURS left!!!!

Thank you again SO much!!!! We look forward to seeing you at Brookledge in 2014.

Happy New Year!!!

Yours in Folly,

Erika Larsen

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