An Update on the Washington Symposium

Washington Symposium on Magic

We are excited to share some recent news from our friends in DC regarding the Washington Symposium on Magic History.

First, new speakers have been added to the line up including Bruce McNab, who will speak on his new book about Harry Houdini’s 1896 tour of the Canadian maritime provinces and EMMY award-winning journalist, David Saltman, who will speak about  Jerry Andrus and his upcoming, historical novel about Houdini in Russia. Add to that Bill Kalush’s not-to-be missed presentation, and even the most jaded Houdini-phile will be sated!

What’s that? You are not moved by the Master Mysteriarch? The Epitome of Escapology?

Then you will still enjoy an array of eclectic talks on such diverse subjects as the Davenport Brothers, Charles Bertram, Alexander Herrmann, Baron Lavalle, the magic of North Korea, the John Salisse Collection and the New York City magic scene c. 1970 – with yet a couple more possibilities in the wings!

Have some coins burning a whole in your pocket?

Well, there are now 20 dealers (some first-timers to a collectors event) AND quality material is streaming in for the  attendees-only Saturday auction (rare apparatus, books, posters, Houdini material and ephemera ).

Friday morning’s field trip includes exclusive exhibits of Houdini, Hofzinser, Herrmann and much more, at the Library of Congress. A room, which is usually reserved for VIP congressional receptions, will be laden with choice items from the Rare Book Division for a one-day exhibit for attendees only.

Finally, we are told that discounted hotel rooms at the convention will soon be as scarce as first editions of The Discoverie of Witchcraft. Better book now. Here is the link to register or to ask questions:

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