An Evening of Mystery

With the MCA Weekend only a couple of weeks away, here’s some information on our Saturday Evening Programming:

As mentioned in an earlier post, there will be no formal Saturday evening banquet.  We’re allocating those financial resources elsewhere: the Thursday Evening Reception, the Friday Afternoon Lunch, and more presenters and programming.

There will, however, be a Saturday evening show, and what a show it will be!  Even though he is one of our Guests of Honor, we’re going to exploit his talent when and wherever possible. I’m speaking, of course, of Mike Caveney.

Mike is simply the best Master of Ceremonies out there.  Period.  He is also one of the most supportive, always willing to share his knowledge and, in this case, talent with others. So, Mike will be hosting and performing on the Saturday evening show.

Fortunately for Mike – and us – where there is Mike, there is often Tina. Tina Lenert’s artistic and magical renderings require no introduction. She is in great demand as a variety artist in Europe, Asia and, of course, North America.

The Saturday Evening Show will also feature magic by David Charvet. Actually, David has promised to perform Stoppard’s Phantom Ray (something he will be discussing during his presentation earlier in the day) and a routine by Willard the Wizard. David, as many of you know,  wrote the book – literally –  on Willard. It will be a pleasure to see him perform one of Willard’s signature pieces.

Rounding out the evening will be Ardan James.  Over the past decade Ardan has stolen the show too many times to mention. Suffice to say, one never tires from seeing stellar work. We’re thrilled he’s agreed to join us in Chicago.

Next up:  the dealers!


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