Always Late, Always Great


Borrowing from Bill Larsen, Jr., we are pleased to announce that No. 182 is finally at the printers! We have another great issue lined up. Following John Mulholland’s lead from 1943 when he dedicated an entire issue of The Sphinx to the magic and magicians of Australia, in this issue of Magicol we, too, focus on articles and reviews (assembled primarily by Brian McCullagh) about magic in the land Oz.

To start off, Brian gives us a broad-stroke perspective on Australian collections in comparison to American and European ones. Next, we have a virtual tour of Sydney by Brian McCullagh as he explores the city through its magic emporiums from the past and present. Gerald Taylor and Lynda Holmes take us on a second city tour, this time, looking at the great Sights and Scenes of Melbourne.

We are then treated to an overview of the massive WG Alma Conjuring Collection as told by the collection’s caretaker, Dominique Dunstan, Librarian, Arts Team, State Library of Victoria. And WHAT a collection it is! The online resource alone, is quite astounding! We enjoy both a history of the collection and a biography about its former owner, Will Alma, and his history with magic. Here is a sample of what Ms. Dunstan’s article promises:

Keeping with our Aussie theme, Clay Shevlin contributes a special edition of his column, Librarium Magicum, and focuses on The Annals of Conjuring and the Aussie Connection. Next up, David Ben reviews the 12th Los Angeles Conference on Magic History (November 2011) for the Conference Corner. David also provides a sneak peek of our forthcoming convention, the 43rd Magic Collectors Weekend, May 10-12 (Chicago), by outlining the chocker-block schedule. (If you have not already done so, we encourage you to register for our Weekend andbook your hotel at MCW rates before the discount expires on May 1). We have posted our Weekend schedule for your  review.

For No. 182′s  book reviews, we chose to include book reviews following the Down Under theme. Reviews include: Chung Ling Soo’s Mechanists – They Stayed Behind, reviewed by Peter Rodgers; Deception Downunder: A Look at Magic in Australia, reviewed by Steve Walker; Magical Nights at the Theatre, reviewed by Brian McCullagh; Magical Reminiscences, reviewed by Kent Blackmore; andSydney’s Magic Heritage, reviewed by Peter Rodgers.

To close the issue, Gabe Fajuri shares a lovely reflection on a famous Aussie, Percy Abbott.

So, you can see why we have been so busy putting this issue together! We hope to have this new issue in the mail, early next week.

Stay tuned, another great offer for Magicol readers coming soon!


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