Signed, sealed … and almost delivered

You read right!

Our scheduled May issue, is actually being printed and mailed in the month of May!

We are very happy to report that we have just sent our latest issue of Magicol, No. 187 to the printers.

And it’s a beauty!

This issue is full of wonderful articles and gems about autographs and signatures and kicks off with a primer by Gabe Fajuri. As David Ben notes in his opening remarks, Gabe certainly has come across his fair share of autographs and signed ephemera — we figure enough to last at least three lifetimes! Gabe sets the mood by reminding us of how accessible, valuable and interesting collecting autographs can be.

But you know you have a great collectible when it is being copied, non? Enter Dustin Stinett. Dustin takes on the challenge of learning more about the automation, or rather automaton-ation of one of John Gaughn’s gorgeous mechanical creations, who can forge of one of the most famous signatures of magic history, Houdini’s.

Ever spend an afternoon figuring out how you should sign your name? Well, Larry Horowitz and Steve Schlanger go much further and trace the near-century long evolution of The Professor’s stylish signature in their wonderful tribute article to Dai Vernon.

When musing over the stylish signatures we were researching for this issue, the beautiful lines of penmanship found at every turn were breathtaking. Handwriting really has become a lost art. Well, a musing became a mystery and our friend Elaine Charal, a graphologist in Toronto, put on her deerstalking cap to learn more about a few famous names in magic from yesteryear – with all analysis drawn from the stokes of their quills. Thanks to Ken Trombly who furnished us with sumptuous samples of handwriting from Blackstone, Dunninger, Downs, Houdini, Germain and far more, Elaine gave us wonderful insight commenting on what “tall Ts and downstroke Ds” say about the character of the writer. In fact, we simply had too many to include in this issue, so as a bonus, we will release her analysis on a soon-to-be-released online exhibition. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Bruce Averbook, James Smith and Michael Claxton for their wonderful reviews of the past three magic history conferences: the Washington Symposium, the 5th European Magic History Conference and finally the XVII LA Conference on Magic History. It was quite a year!

And who said the book industry is shrinking? James Alan and Bill Mullins review no less than six titles for this issue in a wide range of subjects and fare. For review details, check out the latest issue title page here.

Finally, what is Magicol without a little anecdotal finish and this issue’s comes courtesy of Bob Farmer. Sometimes there are no words for Bob. So for this one, you’ll just have to wait and read.

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Until then, signing off…..


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