Allan Slaight Awards


Do you know someone who should be nominated?

Allan Slaight Awards for Magic Achievement are open for nominations.

Nominations are now being accepted and we want to leave no double un-turned-over in our search for the most deserving recipients.

So we ask all of you to rack your brains and consider nominating a worthy individual for this year.

There are five categories and you can nominate one person per category. The categories are:

Sharing Wonder – This is awarded for performances for the public completed during 2015. This could be live performances or televised. It could be work which was widely received or work of exceptional quality (or preferably both!) The inaugural award, presented last year, went to Penn & Teller.

Sharing Secrets – This is for work for the magic community released in 2015. This can be anything instructional or historical from books to DVDs to downloadable content. Again we are looking for material which has been widely received and has had a meaningful impact. The first award in this category went to Mike Caveney.

The other three awards aren’t 2015-specific and look at work spanning the individual’s whole career: Lifetime Achievement, Rising Star – Canadian, and Rising Star – International. Inaugural winners were: Johnny Thompson for Lifetime Achievement; Mahdi Gilbert for Canadian Rising Star; and Henry Vargas of Brazil for International Rising Star.

Nominations are made online at (scroll down to the Nominations link). After a submission is made, we reach out to the nominee so they have a chance to supplement whatever was said about them.

YES! You can nominate yourself and there is absolutely no penalty for doing so.

Now, we all know people who are deserving but are too modest to nominate themselves or ask someone else to do it for them, so this is your chance to do so for them! You can also make your nomination anonymously. Nominations need to be in by March 31.

Lastly, we’d greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word. Tweets, Facebook posts, personal messages, or email announcements are all a tremendous help. The page to direct people to is

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