Adding to No. 176

We hope you are enjoying the latest issue of Magicol No. 176. Since mailing the journal, we have come across news you may find of interest to go with some of the topics covered.

Conference Corner

In this issue of Magicol, there is a review of the 41st Magic Collectors Weekend. If you would like to read another perspective, have a look at William Pack’s review found on his ChicagoMagic blog. The review is posted over three days: Day One,Day Two and Day Three.

In addition to our official photographer (David Linsell) capturing the weekend’s events, Charles Greene of and Wayne R Wissner  snapped quite a few photos, too.  A movie collage of the images have been posted here for our enjoyment.

Don’t forget to register for the 42nd MCW, May 19-21, 2011.

Martin Gardner: An Appreciation

Also in No. 176, Richard Hatch penned a personal and poignant tribute for Martin Gardner.

The Skeptical Inquirer Volume 34, No 5 (September/October 2010) has also created a “Tribute and Celebration to Martin Gardner” with contributions from Ray Hynman, James Randi, Paul Kurtz, James Alcock, Kendrick Frazier, Joe Nickell and Robert Sheaffer with additional contributions and tributes  from several other authors.

Also, in May of this year, the Magazine for Science and Reason also posted afitting farewell to Martin which is still accessible on the magazine’s website.

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