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Magicol New Series

No, you didn’t forget to renew!

As we have fallen behind in our traditional print schedule, we have decided to keep the numeric sequence of Magicol and to change the date to match the publishing month. For example, our latest issue (which will be in the mail this week) is No. 184, January 2013. (David says that he just wants to save the next person foolhardy enough to attempt to update the Alfredson/Daily – Fernandes bibliographies of magic periodicals less grief.)

That means for those who have paid for 2012, you have purchased No. 182, 183, 184, and 185. Since we aim to have No .184 in the mail soon, that leaves No. 185 as the last remaining issue owed to current subscribers.

We will open subscriptions for No. 186, 187, 188 and 189 shortly on our subscriptions page and you will be emailed when this is released.

We will aim to close the gap and have No. 185 in the mail soon. In the meanwhile, if you are interested in advertising in Magicol please contact Ellise Ramos (ellise@magicana.com) our program coordinator. For any other questions or concerns, address email inquires to info@magicana.com.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and we hope to keep all things Magicol for you!

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