A Curious Lot


We are. Collectors, that is.

How else to explain the radio silence – now Internet silence – on the auction that took place late last night in Sydney. Actually, it was late in the afternoon in Australia, late in the evening in North America.

The auction house was Lawson’s, and the magic collectibles were part of the Edwin A. Dearn Collection.

And what collectibles.

Rare Houdini pieces, Hoffmann material, Malini memorabilia and personal effects, and even a one-sheet Carter poster that few – other than the consignor – knew even existed.

What makes us a curious lot, however, is the fact everyone – myself included – was keeping the existence of the auction quiet. There was none of the usual pre-auction chatter about the quality or provenance of the items up for sale.

Perhaps it was because the estimates provided by the auction house were so far below the norm on premium items that each and everyone of us who knew about the auction were hoping that this would be the one time when we scored a treasure for the price of a trinket.

Alas, it was not to be. But you knew that. Or at least enough of us knew that to generate the prices realized.

Hopefully, the only people who were surprised were the auctioneer and the consignor. If they weren’t, then they should be punished for teasing and tormenting us with their catalogue descriptions and the range of estimates.

Crazy stuff.

– David Ben

Note: correction to Edwin Dearn.
Thank you for the correction; David wrote it in a rush thinking Arthur not Edwin!

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2 Responses to A Curious Lot

  1. Anonymous says:

    Edwin Dearn, not Arthur…..

  2. John Cox says:

    I was surprised to see no mention of this on the magic forums, etc., but I certainly didn’t keep quite on my own blog. Had a story about this last week and a follow-up yesterday. Some incredible items, and the story of how these were found in a box in a garage is the stuff of collectors dreams.

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