As we mentioned in our previous post, we have a jam-packed schedule of events.  The focus on Friday morning will be Advertising Magic.  We have invited several speakers with expertise in this area to address the subject in novel ways.

We were inspired to explore this theme at the MCW after reading The Ultimate Thayer, the magnum opus by Phil Schwartz and the late Dr. Robert Albo. As Phil has a background in marketing and communications, it should come as no surprise that he would touch upon how magic dealers – in this case Thayer – cultivated a ‘brand name’.  We have asked Phil to elaborate on this concept: How dealers have – or have not – created a brand in their advertising, catalogues and wares.

We have also asked Adam Rubin – a frequent contributor to the pages of MAGIC magazine, and one of those ‘creative guys’ who has worked in the advertising industry – to come up with modern day advertising campaigns for magic props from a by-gone era.  It is always a curse to say that someone is funny in advance.  Well, Adam has just been cursed.  He’s a funny guy.

Most of us have heard of “The Trick That Cannot Be Explained”.  How about “The Prop That Cannot Be Explained”?!  Readers of Magicol will know of John Carney’s quest to ferret out and photograph exactly that: props that cannot be explained.  John will be joining us Friday morning to showcase some of the Gimmicks, Gadgets and Gizmos that defy description, and that he has culled from various collectors throughout the world.

Have you registered yet? Have you booked your hotel? Hop to it – space is running out!

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