A Grand Expose

A Grand Exposé
Written by An Adept

A Grand Exposé is full of surprises. Unapologetic in tone, it provides a thorough description of not only an astonishingly wide range of card table artifice and gambling scams, but also what David W. Maurer so entertainingly described in his classic The Big Con as short cons.

Those well versed in modern modes of separating fools from their money will marvel at how relevant, how up-to-the-minute so many of the gambits described in these pages remain. As long as human beings are greedy, preferring to make a fast buck at someone else’s expense, they will remain targets for those who practice these forms of deception.

A rare gem, A Grand Exposé was published originally in 1860 by “An Adept”. The number of known copies varies, depending on which authority one consults, from perhaps seven to twenty. Whatever the total, Magicana is pleased to reprint this volume for a wider audience.

This reprint has been re-type-set and designed by Michael Albright. With only a few minor typographical corrections, the contents remain true to the original work’s tone and form. The foil-stamped, embossed cover, hardbound edition, measuring 4.75″ x 5.5″, is limited to a print run of 500 copies with only 400 available for sale. Regular retail price $45 plus shipping.

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