Special Issue on Paul Fox


Long Overdue

Not the issue, but the story.

We are pleased to announce that we’ve just sent the latest issue of Magicol, No. 188, to the printers. This one features the life and times of Paul Fox –  which has taken nearly forty years to come to fruition.

The long awaited story of Paul Fox unfolds within the 128 pages of Magicol No. 188 detailing the complex and textured life of this “Master of Mystery”. (Normally, our issues average 90 pages, so this is a particularly big one.)

David Ben explains in his “Words of Welcome” how this incredible story landed within Magicol’s covers and how he became the custodian and author of the story. This issue would not have been possible without the complete support of Paul Fox’s family. In particular, we extend our gratitude and thanks to his daughter, Margaret Grace Mandel, who opened her home and personal files so that her father’s story could emerge, whole and complete. And, indeed, it is a remarkable one. We hope you think so, too.


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5 Responses to Special Issue on Paul Fox

  1. steve smith says:

    i was surpised to see South Bend Indiana was one time in ill. that may be Paul Foxs best trick. moveing a city. STEVE SMITH

  2. John Slidell says:

    While I enjoyed the Paul Fox article, I also missed the other pieces,reviews, etc. that are usually in Magicol. In the future, if you have similar length articles, you might consider publishing them in installments so there can also be some other content.


  3. C. Bruce Spangler says:

    The Paul Fox issue is one of the best, EVER! Comprehensive and very well written. I have placed this issue into a plastic jacket to preserve it. Many thanks! CBS

  4. Jan BA Janson says:

    Dear David and Julie
    What a wonderful Christmas gift we received from you. A great essay on Paul Fox and his magic. Thank you very much. Wishing you a happy Christmas and a good start to the new year. Janne

  5. Peter Maloney says:

    Dear David,
    Congratulations on Magicol, the Paul Fox issue. It is wonderful to have this beautifully written and designed issue about one of magic’s great unsung heroes. I’ve used the Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick for years, and never knew its history. I have two sets of cups of the Paul Fox design, and treasure them despite the fact that I’m not sure of their provenance. Now I know a lot about the history of the design and the work that went into their creation. You have done magicians a real service by researching Paul Fox and publishing your findings. Of course the story is well-written, masterfully so. All of your colleagues who collaborated on this project should be thanked and congratulated, Issue No. 188 is an important work of magic history and a work of art in itself.
    Magicol continues to be, along with Gibecere of Kalush and company, the best of the best.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all at Magicol.

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