Poster Preservation

Poster Preservation

Resources for Poster Preservation, Part II
by Pietro Micheli

In reference to Pietro Micheli’s article on Poster Preservation, Part II from Magicol No. 183, we have listed the online links that Mr. Micheli used as reference and research material for his article on taking care of posters.

Mr. Micheli comments:

“Many articles were consulted for this little research, and my sources are listed below, many of which may deepen some aspects that I have not mentioned or not entirely described (such as how does light do its damage, the nature of light, effects of incorrect temperature and RH, exhibition of artifacts, methods of storing paper, how to do your own matting and hinging, an experiment on Japanese printings and the effect of light on them, etc.).”

– Magicol No. 183, p.55


UV Transmittance & Fading

Preservation Leaflets

Using UV protection to look after your framed photos

Care and Repair of Japanese Prints

Caring for Your Treasures: Document and Art on Paper

Caring for Your Treasures: Matting & Framing Works of Art and Documents on Paper

Sun-Fading and UV-Glass Experiment (A Case Study)

Protecting Your Investment: The Real Story Behind Conservation Picture Framing

UV Protection and Plexiglas

Advice for Framing Art, Documents, Letters, Photographs and Other Paper Items

Light Fading from UV

The Effect of Light on Museum Objects

Canadian Conservation Institute: Light, Ultraviolet and Infrared

Canadian Conservation Institute: Incorrect Relative Humidity

Canadian Conservation Institute: Incorrect Temperature