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image from wildabouthoudini.com

image from wildabouthoudini.com

John Cox discovered an amazing find through Mike, an antique dealer from Southern California, in the form of a long lost (to the tune of 83 years) Houdini scrapbook on Spiritualism.

John Cox suspects that this is one the most important scrapbooks in Houdini’s history as it chronicles the magician’s battle against spiritualists. Houdini’s sources and descriptions of the underhanded methods of spiritualists can be found in this very important piece, which has proven itself to be a valuable research tool.

John Cox writes:

“This amazing book, which Houdini compiled and labeled as “IMPORTANT SCRAP BOOK – MISCELLANEOUS CLIPPINGS,” is jam-packed with newspaper clippings about Spiritualism and Houdini’s own spirit busting activities. Many of the clippings have annotations in Houdini’s own hand. The majority of the material is from 1925 with a few clippings from early 1926.

Of course, 1925 was the height of Houdini’s anti-spiritualism crusade, and it was also the year of his exposure of Margery the Medium. Therefore this scrapbook is filled with clippings chronicling Houdini’s most famous investigation. It also contains several clippings related to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.”

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