Two Brand New Books

John Bannon and Handsome Jack (or is it John Lovick?) have authored two brand-new must-have books. As a subscriber of Magicol, you’re entitled to a special offer on both of them from our friends at Squash Publishing.



The retail price of these books is $110, but act NOW and SAVE $10 just for being a subscriber of Magicol! Hurry, this offer expires on September 10th, 2016 at 12:00 pm. (Shipping options are USA or International)


PrintFirst up is John Bannon’s latest card trick compendium, Mentalissimo.

In Mentalissimo, John brings his talents to bear on mentalism and mental magic with playing cards. “I do card tricks, have a keen interest in mentalism and am a fanatic about the construction of magic tricks. For me, a book like this is just what I look for. All of the above; in one place.”

You can expect: Squeaky-clean revelations of truly thought-of cards. Demonstrations of psychic ability that can’t be explained simply as coincidence. Clear, commercial prediction systems. Offbeat treatments of classic mental effects from “Add-a-Number” to “Out of This World.”

Thirty items are described and explained in twenty-one chapters. Almost all use regular unprepared cards. Two require a common gaffed card. Most are impromptu. A couple require a more-than-minimal stack. A few rely on easily-made external props. One employs a pack of ESP symbol cards. All are intelligently explained and laced with commentary and discussion. Come for the thought-provoking card effects; stay for the conversation.

The more I study card magic and mentalism, the more impressed I am with John Bannon. His “lean and mean” style of construction and execution inspires me. His routines are hard hitting and fun to perform.

—Jeff McBride, Las Vegas Headliner

This stuff is fun to read, and fun to do.

—Max Maven



The second book in this bundle, is the first – and only book of its type – written by male model and master magician Handsome Jack. It’s called Handsome Jack, etc.

Forget about his incredible looks, Handsome Jack’s skill, humor, and humility, make him a great writer of magic.

David Blaine

Handsome Jack is two of the best magicians I know.

Derek DelGaudio

This book is a vault of original, powerhouse material.

Michael Carbonaro

This is an extraordinary book. It’s laugh-out- loud funny, and contains original routines and brilliant essays that should be required reading for everyone who sets foot on a stage.

Pit Hartling

John Lovick is one of the most original, creative, and intelligent magicians we know, and this volume is invaluable. It offers profound cases in development, construction, writing, staging, and timing that will inspire magicians for generations.

Dan & Dave Buck

This treatise is a rarity in the magic world: it’s as funny (and attractive) as it is instructive. Handsome Jack, etc. details twenty stand-up (and close-up) routines with complete scripts, histories, and commentary on their development and performance.

In addition to Jack’s urbane descriptions, Lovick provides two essential essays on the subjects of scripting and persona.

A deluxe 212-page hardcover with two-color text, thirty original caricatures, and an introduction by Penn & Teller. This is one hardbound collection sure to turn heads – just like Handsome Jack.


The retail price of these books is $110, but act NOW and SAVE $10 just for being a subscriber of Magicol! Hurry, this offer expires on September 10th, 2016 at 12:00 pm.



#NoHairSelfie Update

It’s Gone!

David Ben’s hair has vanished thanks to your support.

David Ben No Hair Selfie

David Ben’s #NoHairSelfie campaign concluded yesterday, February 4, 2016 with a public shaving at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. With some last-minute donations arriving by mail, the total has now passed $214,000 raised for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

As promised earlier, donors who requested our Unusual Collectible your hair will be in the mail very soon. We’ve also learned that the cards will be signed by Pat Lyons, the artists who designed them.

For those wishing to verify the authenticity of the hair, you can watch it being severed below. The shaver is Gary Slaight, son of Allan Slaight.

For those that still want to get their hands on one of the collectibles, we will be happy to extend you the opportunity to donate. Send us a note ( and we will make arrangements.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the campaign and offer our encouragement to David as he endeavours to expand his collection of hats to help cope with the Canadian winter; something a hairless Conjuror was clearly not designed for.


Bammo Book Offer!

___Bammo-10 Card-Final

Save $10 and pay no postage (in the USA) if you order by April 1.


Magicana has a limited-time pre-publication offer on Bob Farmer’s Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier. Want to know more? Here is a link about the book and we even reveal the Table of Contents!

Save $10 and pay no postage (in the USA) if you order by April 1.
If you’re outside the USA, you can still save $10 (add $25 postage) by April 1.

Here’s the offer: Pay only $55 (USA orders postage free, foreign orders postage add $25). This offer expires on April 1, 2015. After that, the regular price is $65 (USA orders add $5 postage and handling, foreign orders add $25).


For mail, please make checks (USD) or money orders (international only) payable to Magicana 17 Madison Avenue Toronto ON M5R 2S2 Canada.


Destination Zero

Destination Zero

Destination Zero is now available for pre-order.

Magicol subscribers, act now and receive a signed copy and FREE shipping in USA and discounted shipping for international orders (USA $50, International $69).

Books ship week of February 6.

This offer has expired.


Thanks to our friends at Squash Publishing, we are pleased to announce another  discount offer. This time, for John Bannon’s new book, Destination Zero.

If you act now, receive a signed copy and free shipping (and discounted shipping for international orders).

This offer has now expired.

After nearly two years, a brand new book by John Bannon, Destination Zero is now available from Squash Publishing.

A departure from Bannon’s usual form, this hardbound collection is filled with 25 self-working routines from the mind of one of the most respected creators of card magic. Each effect is described in the familiar, conversational style Bannon’s books have become known for. But, these are not your typical non-sleight-of-hand tricks. Bannon has thoroughly analyzed each effect and backed up subtle principles with carefully layered thinking. He looks for synergies and leverages the methods as much as possible observing his philosophy: “One plus one should equal three – or more. Otherwise, why bother?”

Every effect in the book can be accomplished with regular cards –  without gaffs, crimps, pencil dots, punches, or marks. These highly-refined constructions is sure to change the way you think about self-working card magic.

Destination Zero is a quality, hardbound volume, 209 pages long, and illustrated with over 100 crystal-clear photographs, bound in cloth with a full color jacket and two-color stamped case. Books will ship week of Feb 6, 2015.

For more information, visit Squash Publishing.


Dell O’Dell – Special Book Offer!

Dell O'Dell Book

This offer has now concluded.


Thanks to our friends at Squash Publishing, we are pleased to offer Magicol subscribers a limited-time, discount offer on Michael Claxton’s latest book, Don’t Fool Yourself: The Magical Life of Dell O’Dell.

Regularly, this book sells for $45 plus shipping. But if you act now, US residents will receive free shipping and international customers will save $10 (lowering price to $58). Purchase from Squash Publishing directly.

This offer has now concluded.

Don’t Fool Yourself: The Magical Life of Dell O’Dell

by Michael Claxton

In a field dominated by men, one of the most successful and busiest magicians of a generation was also a woman.

Dell O’Dell grew up in Kansas, and learned to love show business amidst the sawdust and spangles of her father’s circus. She learned to entertain as a teenager, teaching herself to juggle, perform acrobatics, and work with animals. Eventually, she would go on to own her own circus, perform as a comedy magician in vaudeville, and finally find certified stardom as a headlining night club performer and television star.

Half a world away, in Switzerland, Charles Carrer was learning many of the same feats of digital dexterity. He developed a polished, dapper, and amazing juggling act that took him on tours throughout the European continent, South America, and eventually landed him in America. It was there, in New York, that the two troupers met, married, and embarked on a partnership – both on and off stage – that has to be read to be believed.

In the pages of Don’t Fool Yourself, author Michael Claxton draws on first-person accounts, revealing research, and rich historical archives to paint humanizing and captivating portraits of Dell O’Dell and Charlie Carrer, two remarkable entertainers whose fascinating lives were intertwined throughout a bygone era of American show business.

A quality 6 x 9″ hardcover book, 332 pages, filled with dozens of unpublished images. As a bonus, each book includes a Dell O’Dell Dancing Doll novelty!



Playing Cards in Photographs Book Offer

Playing Cards in Photographs

Special offer: $30 plus shipping

Expires: April 11, 2014

  • 96 pages
  • 11 x 11″ hardcover
  • Over 100 vintage photographs


Another great book offer for current subscribers of Magicol.

Thanks to our friends at Squash Publishing, subscribers are entitled to this discounted price, special offer for a signed copy of Playing Cards in Photographs, by Laurence H. Lubliner. Collectors take note that three magicians appear in the book: Dai Vernon, Johnny Paul, and Dante.

About the book

From the ridiculous to the sublime – and everything in between – this book showcases hundreds of historic, funny, fun, and fascinating appearances of the lowly playing card in a range of fascinating vintage and contemporary photographs.

They appear in games worldwide, of course. But take a moment to minutely examine a subject, as author and collector Laurence Lubliner has in this book, and you’ll uncover the most unusual things.

In Playing Cards in Photographs, Lubliner visually chronicles the countless unusual situations and settings in which cards have appeared over the last 150 years. Here, we see them on troop transport ships, in museums and store windows, on the sides of airplanes, in the hands of magicians, in the form of gigantic yet fragile pasteboard structures, on costumes, passed under tables by gamblers, in store windows – and virtually everywhere else.

The book is a visual feast for collectors, photographers, designers, card aficionados, magicians, history buffs, and lovers of the odd & unusual.

96 pages in giant 11 x 11″ hardcover, with over 100 vintage photographs, text printed in two colors.

The book is regularly priced at $35. But… current subscribers from Magicol are entitled to the discounted price of $30 and to receive a signed copy by the author. This is a limited time offer that expires April 11, so don’t miss out!

This offer has now expired.

This offer was made thanks to our friends at Squash Publishing.


Special Offer for Jarrow

David Charvet is releasing a new book on celebrated sleight-of-hand magician, Emil Jarrow, entitled “Jarrow: The Humorist Trickster”. David is kindly offering offering MAGICOL readers a special discount –  starting now through to August 31, 2013.


This is the story of one of magic’s brightest stars during the vaudeville era.

Charvet reveals Jarrow’s colorful life in intrinsic detail, and creates a beautiful memoir that honors the famed magician. The methods of his most popular routines are also included in this chronicle, illustrated with many never-before released photographs.

Detail: 168 pages. 6″x9″ size. Hardbound with color cover. Regular retail price: $40.

Order now

This offer has now expired.

To order, please contact Charvet Studios:



Ultimate Okito Encore

Dr. Robert Albo’s Final Book

Dr. Albo had his final book nearly completed before his untimely death. It has now been completed. Published by his wife, Marge Albo as a final tribute to Bob, we are delighted to report that the book is now at the printers.


For more information, click here.


New Monograph on Henry Dean


Although Henry Dean’s name has been famous to generations of collectors and historians as the author of The Whole Art of Legerdemain, or, Hocus Pocus in Perfection (London, 1722), even the most rudimentary details of his life have remained elusive despite dedicated inquiries and research spanning the last 150 years. Bibliographer Raymond Toole Stott most recently addressed this mystery, and his extensive annotations in A Bibliography of English Conjuring 1581–1876 (Derby, 1976) reflect an unprecedented intensity of research.  But Toole Stott came away as stymied and befuddled as his predecessors, to such a degree that he even expressed doubts that Henry Dean ever existed!

After the late Burt Sperber’s acquisition of the rare first edition of The Whole Art of Legerdemain, he asked Eddie Dawes and Clay Shevlin to research and write a biographical essay on Dean, and to prepare an updated bibliographical checklist of Dean’s book. With modern investigatory tools in hand, and aided by James Smith’s research contributions, Eddie and Clay have uncovered much new biographical and bibliographical information on Dean, his life, and The Whole Art of Legerdemain, and next year Magicana will publish their book on Dean.

Continue reading


Your Last Chance…

unrealTo steal thoughts and wallets!

August 5th is closing in fast! So, if you’re still thinking about it, you had better just do it, and take advantage of Squash Publishing’s special offer for Magicol subscribers.

Order Unreal by Bruce Bernstein and receive  Cutting Up Touches by David Avadon absolutely free! Order now, and get BOTH for only $55 (plus shipping).


That’s right, two books for the price of one, but act now as this special offer will vanish on August 5th.

Read more for details.