The Death Camp Magicians

Death Camp Magicians

A shocking tale of surviving the notorious Nazi Regime and how magic made a difference in two lives as they journeyed from darkness into light.

By William V. Rauscher in collaboration with Werner Reich

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Readers of this book must prepare themselves for a journey to the dark side of human behavior. Through these pages the reader will be transported back to the Nazi world during the years when the Third Reich truly believed their leaders would rule the world.  They even chose a new name for this “new world.” They called it Germania.

Central to this inside world of unspeakable atrocities are two men who experienced the hell of Concentration camps, and survived to tell others what it was like to be under the evil control of Adolf Hitler and the S.S. Along with millions of others, these two men lived through the utter despair of years in the death camps of Europe under Nazi control.

At that time Herbert Levin, one of these two, was known as The Great Nivelli. Prior to the Nazi control, Levin was a prominent performer in Berlin, and the youngest member of the Berlin Stock Exchange. In an effort to escape, Levin moved to Prague, Czechoslovakia until the Nazi regime once again gained control. He and his family were arrested and sent to Auschwitz.  But he survived, and came to the United States to once again perform in this country until his death in 1977. William V. Rauscher saw him perform, became acquainted with him, and periodically corresponded with him and his wife Lotte until Levin’s death in 1977. 

Werner Reich was a young boy when he entered Auschwitz. He was also a survivor, and while in the camp learned card tricks from Nivelli. Reich was liberated when he was 17 years old – at that time he weighed 60 pounds. 

This book is an appeal to the readers’ best instincts by showing humanities most base instincts.  It portrays the strength of the will to survive in the midst of cruelty that passes all understanding. 

Published by David Haversat’s 1878 Press Co.



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Erdnase Unmasked

Erdnase Unmasked

Now, out of print.

We have received a number of emails asking about a possible reprint for Erdnase Unmasked, a composite publication of articles culled from the pages of Magicol – A Journal of Magic History and Collectibles.

The book features the findings of Richard Hatch, the world’s pre-eminent authority on the subject, and sleight-of-hand expert and magic historian, David Ben’s profile of the author of The Expert at the Card Table. Together, they make a compelling case that one man – E. S. Andrews – was the author of the seminal card worker’s text, The Expert at the Card Table. The publication also included Hurt McDermott’s analysis of why The Expert at the Card Table, and books of its ilk, was published anonymously, and in Chicago. Additionally, Jason England, a world-renowned authority on advantage play, provides a detailed description of the published variants and ancillary products.

This was a limited-edition run of only 500 copies, and the book is now out of print.


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John Bannon’s highly-engineered, yet easy-to-do brand of magic shines in this retrospective.

Over forty complete routines are described in Bannon’s easy-going readable style. Here are the tricks and the clever, innovative thinking behind them. Collected from Bannon’s publications over the ten years since his internationally best-selling Dear Mister Fantasy, you’ll find an impressive variety as well:

· Sophisticated “fractal” packet tricks
· Contemporary gambling demonstrations
· Ultramodern Ace assemblies
· Unorthodox “garden path” tricks
· Unconventional transpositions
· Refined mental mysteries

High Caliber covers the magical waterfront with a fresh, original view.

Yet, notwithstanding this extraordinary breadth, no gaffs are employed and no difficult moves are required. Virtually all of the routines use regular cards, most are impromptu, and quite a few are self-working. Typical of Bannon’s work, each layered construction has been polished until the trick has a point, a purpose, and a place in the magical firmament.

All in, High Caliber is a remarkable collection of card magic by a modern master.

A 7 x 10″ deluxe cloth bound volume with dust jacket; over 300 pages, illustrated with photographs.

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The Handcuff King

Literary Review of Canada

Can there really be an untold story of the great Harry Houdini?

The Metamorphosis: The Apprenticeship of Harry Houdini, by Bruce MacNab (Goose Lane), follows the early career of Harry Houdini and his young bride, Bess, during their second year of marriage as they make their mark (or not) with the Marco Magic Company, touring through Atlantic Canada during the summer of 1896. As the book’s foreword by Patrick Culliton points out, “The time in Houdini’s life when he was finding his way as a performer, the years 1891-1899, generally receive minimal coverage, despite the fact that they are among the most interesting years of a most interesting life.”

Until now.

But, does MacNab really reveal all? What skeletons, if any, does he unearth as he peers into the past of these struggling artists? Can there really be that much more on Houdini after hundreds of biographies?


Maybe this will sway you – one way or the other: David Ben, artistic director of Magicana, has penned a review, “The Handcuff King” for the Literary Review of Canada which has just been released (March 2012: Vol. 21, No. 2, p. 27). According to Ben: “Part biography, part travelogue, part magic book, Bruce MacNab’s The Metamorphosis: The Apprenticeship of Harry Houdini follows the exploits of Houdini as he laid the groundwork for becoming a 20th-century icon.”

Track down your copy of the Literary Review of Canada and find out what Ben has to say about MacNab’s first stab at magic history, story telling and ghost chasing the great Harry Houdini.


A Grand Expose

A Brief Update

It has been a while since our last blog entry as we have been tied up with a variety of projects – the last issue of Magicol, producing the Masters of Magic series for Luminato (See the August issue of MAGIC), organizing the next issue of Magicoland, of course, planning the the next MCW.

We will be releasing information on the 42nd MCW shortly so that you can book your room and registration well in advance. We had an excellent turn out this year, and hope to build on that success.

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