MMHW: Behind the Scenes Tour


Get a Behind the Scenes Tour of the American Museum of Magic
Midwest Magic History Weekend

A highlight of the Midwest Magic History Weekend May 28-30 in Marshall, Michigan will be a behind the scenes tour of the collection that was opened by Bob and Elaine Lund in 1978.

The tour will include access to the research library, housed in the former Marshall Library building, which is not open to the public. The collection is a treasure-trove of rare items from magic’s past.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Find details and registration information at:


MMHW: Spook Show Revival



See a Spook Show!
Midwest Magic History Weekend

Performer and historian, Keith Stickley regularly tours the Midwest with his show, “Dr. Scream’s Spook Show Revival” that brings the great ghost shows of the 1940’s-50’s and 60’s back to life, in the tradition of such “ghostmasters” as Bill Neff, Dr. Silkini and Francisco. As a special feature of the Midwest Magic History Weekend, the Dr. Scream show will be presented live on stage for one show only on Friday night, May 29th. Keith will also be speaking about the history of spook shows on Friday afternoon.

To be a part of this blast from the past, register for the weekend now at


MMHW: On the Road with Blackstone


Bill Smith – On the Road with Blackstone
Midwest Magic History Weekend

Las Vegas magic creator, Bill Smith, began his career as chief assistant and stage manager to the legendary Harry Blackstone Jr. for a decade – from 1977 to 1987. In his talk, Bill will remember his years onstage and behind the scenes keeping America’s largest touring magic show of the day, on the road. From night clubs to television and the Broadway stage, Bill was there and will share what it was really like being “on the road.”

This is just one of the many features at the Midwest Magic History Weekend, May 28-30 in Marshall, Michigan. For more details and registration information, go to:


MMHW: Houdini in Hollywood – in Marshall!



See John Cox present his lecture,
“Houdini in Hollywood” at the
Midwest Magic History Weekend
May 28-30 2015
Marshall, Michigan

We have received word from convention chairman of the Midwest Magic History Weekend, David Charvet, and he promises to share news and updates on the convention to give us a hint of what he has in store for this magical weekend. Here is the first of a few posts from David Charvet:

One of the features of the Midwest Magic History Weekend, May 28-30 in Marshall, Michigan, will be the appearance of noted Houdini expert, John Cox, with his talk, “Houdini in Hollywood.”

Illustrated with many rare photos and film clips, John will reveal Houdini’s movie career in detail. This talk was recently featured at the Hollywood Heritage Museum and at the Magic Castle. We are happy that John will be bringing this special event to the Midwest Magic History Weekend.

For more details and registration information, go to:

Stay tuned as David Charvet tips more on this fun weekend!



Open for registration!


As previously reported, David Charvet, in partnership with the American Museum of Magic, is presenting the Midwest Magic History Weekend in Marshall, Michigan on May 28-30, 2015.

David Charvet reports that registration is now open and that there is an early bird special of $200/person if you sign up before Dec 31.

Hotel accommodations are listed on the website and it is recommended that you book now, for great savings, such as reduced room rates of $119/night and breakfast vouchers.

Best to go directly to to register and to book your hotel. For more information, contact David Charvet at or at 503-309-7729.


Midwest Magic History Weekend May 2015

Midwest Magic History Weekend

The rumours ARE true … well, sort of.

This blog post is to clarify some underground rumblings about a certain convention. Yes, there will be a magic history convention this spring, but it will not be in Chicago, it will not be a Magic Collectors Weekend, and it will not be produced by Magicana.

Instead, it will be called the Midwest Magic History Weekend and it will be produced and organized by David Charvet, in cooperation with the American Museum of Magic, and will be be held in Marshall, Michigan from May 28-30, 2015.

We can confirm that David Charvet will be opening the convention website and registration very soon and we will announce those details for you, too.

I encourage you to join the Magicana eList to be the first to know because early registrants will save if submitting before Dec 31.


Adele, Blackstone’s Elusive Moth


Rory Feldman shares a wonderful moment and video of one of his recent adventures…in his words:

A while back, I discovered that I had an original film reel of the Blackstone Sr. Show. Over the weekend, at the Yankee Gathering (November 6-8, 2014), I video taped Adele Friel Rhindress watching the silent video and describing the various acts in the show — including the only known video record of her own Elusive Moth act!

Adele is one of my favorite people and a great friend. Adele was “Blackstone’s Elusive Moth” when she traveled, as a teenager, with Harry Blackstone Sr. in the 1940s.



New Speakers for The Washington Symposium

Washington Symposium on Magic

The Washington Symposium on Magic History are proud to announce new speakers to their line-up! John McLaughlin, Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, former Acting director of the CIA, former Deputy Director of that agency, and a very knowledgeable magician, will give a talk only he could give–intertwining espionage, magic and his current teaching. 

Dogged researcher, Diego Domingo has unearthed  audio of  an obscure  character that will entertain and amuse. Both speakers are added to what is already a strong  roster : Dean Arnold, Will Given, James Hamilton, Eric Henning, Bill Kalush, Bruce MacNab, Darwin Ortiz, Shreeyash Palshikar, David Saltman, Dale Salwak.

Rich Bloch, friend and former  Collectors Workshop co-owner with honoree Nick Rugierro, will be emceeing and performing at our Saturday night show.  The Washington Symposium now has 22 dealers.

And finally, the special hotel rate extended the deadline ($109 a night) through next Thursday, April 11.

You can register on-line, here;



An Update on the Washington Symposium

Washington Symposium on Magic

We are excited to share some recent news from our friends in DC regarding the Washington Symposium on Magic History.

First, new speakers have been added to the line up including Bruce McNab, who will speak on his new book about Harry Houdini’s 1896 tour of the Canadian maritime provinces and EMMY award-winning journalist, David Saltman, who will speak about  Jerry Andrus and his upcoming, historical novel about Houdini in Russia. Add to that Bill Kalush’s not-to-be missed presentation, and even the most jaded Houdini-phile will be sated!

What’s that? You are not moved by the Master Mysteriarch? The Epitome of Escapology?

Then you will still enjoy an array of eclectic talks on such diverse subjects as the Davenport Brothers, Charles Bertram, Alexander Herrmann, Baron Lavalle, the magic of North Korea, the John Salisse Collection and the New York City magic scene c. 1970 – with yet a couple more possibilities in the wings!

Have some coins burning a whole in your pocket?

Well, there are now 20 dealers (some first-timers to a collectors event) AND quality material is streaming in for the  attendees-only Saturday auction (rare apparatus, books, posters, Houdini material and ephemera ).

Friday morning’s field trip includes exclusive exhibits of Houdini, Hofzinser, Herrmann and much more, at the Library of Congress. A room, which is usually reserved for VIP congressional receptions, will be laden with choice items from the Rare Book Division for a one-day exhibit for attendees only.

Finally, we are told that discounted hotel rooms at the convention will soon be as scarce as first editions of The Discoverie of Witchcraft. Better book now. Here is the link to register or to ask questions:


Early Bird Deadline

The early bird deadline for The Washington Symposium on Magic History is on February 25 2013. After that, tickets will go from $225 to $255 so REGISTER NOW and take advantage of these discounted prices!

The Washington Symposium on Magic History is going to be held at a four star hotel/conference center close to DC on April 25 to 27.

The convention will be honoring Carl Williams and Nick Ruggiero.

The speaker list currently consists o Bill Kalush, Darwin Ortiz, Dale Salwak, Eric Henning, James Hamilton, Dean Arnold, Maggie Jones….with more to come.

Additional magical activities include:

  • A private exhibit for our attendees only at the Library of Congress
  • A HUGE dealers room
  • A vetted auction of magic collectibles
  • A TOP HOTEL with a great room rate of $109 a night (book your reservation here) and lastly…
  • Springtime is just the best time to visit Washington, DC!

Please feel free to email Ken Trombly at for more details.